Have you thought about using a headhunting firm?

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If you are keen to find your next position but can't locate the perfect role then you can use a headhunting firm. While a conventional employment agency often just sends resumes into the employer, a headhunter will work with you on your job search and represent you. These firms have extensive contacts in companies and access to many more vacancies than you will know about. Here are three points to consider when thinking about choosing a headhunting firm.

When should you want to work with a headhunting firm?

In most cases, you should be able to find a new position by responding to advertised vacancies or by using your network to find out what positions may be available. However, these techniques don't always work. Sometimes you can find yourself not getting the callbacks you would expect, or perhaps the high-level position you merit just doesn't seem to be available. In these circumstances, it makes sense to work with a headhunting firm to increase the range of your job search. Senior positions are rarely advertised publicly; often, the only way you are going to be considered for such a role is if the headhunting firm makes your case to the company with the vacancy.  

What are the other benefits of working with a headhunting firm?

No headhunting firm is going to present your name to the seeking company unless they are already convinced you are a good fit. They will have spent years building up their reputation for finding high-quality candidates and they won't disrupt that by offering an employer unsuitable candidates. Their experience and reputation reassure the employer that if your name is brought forward then it must have merit. In addition to that, you gain the additional advantage that the headhunter wants you to get the job. The headhunter will put effort into making your case with the employer rather than simply forwarding your resume like a traditional employment agency.   

Finding the right headhunting firm

Not all headhunting firms can help you equally. These firms rely on their network of contacts and no company can have a great depth of contacts in every industry. Take the time to look for a firm that has great contacts in your specific industry. If you can't find the headhunting firm you need then it may be helpful to refer back to your professional association and see if they maintain a list of active recruiters in your profession.


26 November 2019

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